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Here is the link to the City Lab article and the link to the actual website, Turn On Detroit’s Water.

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Respect pronouns!

So can we stop treating teen activists as freaks to be ogled, and pitch in with their causes instead? Can we stop acting like teens are totally vapid and incapable of contributing anything useful to society, culture, and criticism? Because teens are all around us and they are driven, smart, passionate, and so much more—if only adults bothered to take a minute to actually see them, instead of focusing on what we think we know about them. While we were all teens once, we often seem to forget that in our hurry to smack down the next generation.




what’s the deal with safe spaces? 
a layman’s intro / quarter-sized mini zine / 8 pages / text & illustration

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web for now, will print eventually ???? three print copies in existence atm

This is real cool

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and it doesn’t matter who you’re saying it to

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Weapons of Reproduction

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Feminist Art Friday Feature: Anni Albers

Born in 1899, German-American artist and designer Anni Albers is best known as one of the most important textile designers of the 20th century. Trained in the legendary Bauhaus where women were only able to study in a few disciplines, Albers took up the innovative weaving techniques that she would become known for. After marrying abstract artist and fellow Bauhaus student Josef Albers in 1925, the two stayed on at the school as teachers. After the Nazis shutdown the school in 1933, the Albers fled to America where they moved to North Caroline to teach at Black Mountain College. In 1949, Anni Albers became the first weaver to be featured in a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York. 

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