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Imagine a life where you live on less than two dollars a day. You have been saving for months to afford a trip to the health clinic. With your payment in hand, you walk three hours to get to the nearest clinic, carrying your young children with you. When you finally arrive, you want to be able to receive information and testing for HIV and also pick up contraception to prevent pregnancy, but you’re told that the clinic does not provide both services. You can get tested for HIV, but you’ll have to walk an additional 20 miles to a separate clinic to obtain contraceptives. Unable to cover the distance, you are forced to return home without the contraception that you want and need.

Unfortunately, this is the reality for many of the most vulnerable women and girls in developing countries, where sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and HIV-related information and services are often housed in separate facilities. But the evidence is clear: the best way to deliver timely, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care that women want and need is through integrated services.

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