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What is a trigger?

trigger is something that evokes a strong negative response in the viewer/reader. A trigger may cause an intense reaction such as a panic attack, flashback, or other symptoms associated with PTSD. A trigger warning is a short note before a blog post, picture, video, or other content that warns readers/viewers about an aspect of the content (such as a graphic depiction or description) that may trigger them. At the very least, it allows for people to assess their current mental state before continuing to consume content that may negatively alter their well being. 

Some common triggers include: rape, sexual assault, abuse, suicide, eating disorders, slurs, shaming, and racism.

Why do you use trigger warnings?

Trigger warnings are used in this blog in order to preserve it as a safe and inclusive space for everyone who reads it and participates in the discussions that take place here. I value the mental health of others, and understand that sometimes these warnings are needed to continue to overcome, heal, and avoid content that would undue these first two things.

Sometimes, I will forget to put up a trigger warning at the start of a post or to tag a post correctly. Sometimes, I do not realize content is triggering. If this happens, please let me know and I will tag it/change it/put on a warning immediately. 

How do I format a trigger warning?

You can use the following basic format for trigger warnings which you will find throughout the relevant posts on this blog:

(Trigger Warning:_______)

(TW: ____________)

(_______: TW)

Usually in the place of the “_______” you will find a very simple phrase describing the content such as “Racism” “Ableism” or “Sexual Assault”. These short descriptions are generally a good practice, because when they get longer they tend to hold content that may also trigger. This then defeats the point of the warning. 

When it comes to videos and pictures, it may be helpful to post your content under a cut in order to truly warn those who may be triggered by your content. 

Is there anything I can do to avoid certain content?

Yes. Tumblr Savior is a program that allows you to eliminate posts with certain words/ content/tags from appearing on your dash. I use tags extensively as it is my understanding that this aids in how this program works. If there is a particular type of content that triggers you, I encourage you to take advantage of this program. I also encourage everyone to tag their posts accurately and specifically so that people can block content they don’t want to see. It is also helpful not to delete the tags already on a post. 

Where can I find more resources on triggers and trigger warnings?

Here are some helpful links were you can learn more about creating your own trigger warnings, why they are important, and what content warrents them:

Now I would love to hear from the rest of you. Do you have any tips on dealing with triggers, posting trigger warnings, or stories of their importance? 

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