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Democratic legislators last week introduced a bill that would give grants to sex ed programs that are inclusive of LGBT students, cover a variety of birth control methods, and work to collect data about students’ sexual health.

The Real Education for Healthy Youth Act would provide five-year grants to agencies, nonprofits and universities that offer comprehensive, inclusive sex ed programs. Students would be encouraged to learn about reproductive health from every angle; for example, curricula would refer students to local clinics, including Planned Parenthood, to learn more information. 

The bill requires programs to emphasize emotional skills and the development of “healthy attitudes and values” about issues like body image, gender identity and sexual orientation. All teaching would be “age and developmentally appropriate.” 

Strict standards would apply to funded programs. None could “promote gender stereotypes,” be “insensitive and unresponsive” to LGBT students, or “deliberately withhold” information about HIV.

How incredible would this be? 

This is will not pass any time soon, but it’s a wonderful thing. 

(via liberalcatlady)

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    THIS. too bad the republicans will bust a tit over this and shut down the government again.
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