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Fem Art Friday Feature: Lady Pink

Lady Pink, was born in 1964 in Ecuador and was raised in Queens where she first started her career as a graffiti artist tagging subway cars at age 15. Quickly establishing herself in a male-dominated art form, Lady Pink became a cult-figure and the starred in the 1982 documentary “Wild Style.” What makes her different? She describes her inspiration as coming from a feminist view of popular culture.

In her own words:

When I first started, women were still trying to prove themselves, through the 70’s, that women could do everything guys could do. The feminist movement was growing very strong and as a teenager I think it affected me without me realizing that I was a young feminist. The more guys said “you can’t do that”, the more I had to prove them wrong. I had to hold it up for all my sisters who looked up to me to be brave and courageous and to prove that I could do what guys could do. We defend our artworks with our fists and our crazy courage. When you have guys that disrespect you you’re gonna have to teach them a lesson, otherwise they are going to keep walking all over you. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is out there, it’s not easy. But it also reflects what the art world in general is: 80% white males. So you have to fight tooth and nail, bitch and scream, be loud and be large to get respect.

Learn more about Lady Pink here:

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