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 Last year, Mooncup, makers of silicone menstrual cups, ran a poster campaign in London inviting ladies to submit their favorite nicknames for their Lady Garden. (Many of them were probably submitted by teenage boys. You can still submit yours here.) Now, they’ve released a song featuring some of those names. You can even buy it on iTunes. The proceeds will go to a charity picked by Mooncup’s facebook fans.

(via copyranter: Presenting the “Love Your Vagina” song.)

I’m mad I didn’t think to buy earlier. It just makes too much sense. :)

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    Some of these names are troublesome. But the message is a great one.
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    "Downtown Dining and Entertainment District" was my favorite name out of all of them.
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    I was on this site ages ago and someone had submitted “Lord Vulvamort”. That is all.
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