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German teenager Kim Petras has become the world’s youngest operated transsexual youngest child whose personal surgical procedure has been made into a public spectacle by the media after undergoing a surgery at the age of just 16. The procedure – carried out in secret and paid for by the German health service, which doesn’t sound at all secretive to me– was authorised after psychologists cissexist gatekeepers confirmed used their privileged position of power and culturally-upheld superiority to proclaim that she was “without doubt a girl in a boy’s body” a girl, something she knew all along and didn’t need anyone else to tell her. It is the world’s youngest ever most sensationalized full sex change operation vaginoplasty what does “full sex change operation” even mean seriously you guys and Kim had been undergoing hormone therapy since the age of 12. We’re not sure why we need to report all this information. Should we list any other medications she might be on as well? I hear she took Nyquil a couple months ago too.

Kim overcame years of taunts and bullying to achieve her dream of becoming a girl and now must contend with this kind of ignorant bullshit media coverage, isn’t that nice? And has begun a modelling career and launched a CD which is more of a contribution to the world than whoever wrote this original article could ever hope to give.
Kim, who is now studying fashion design, began calling herself a girl when she was just two years old knew who the fuck she was since she was born jeez what a surprise you douchebags get over yourselves already.(

yeah this is a GOOD VERSION

 OMG the person that fixed this - so much awesome.

I will also say that it’s great she had (apparently) supportive guardians of some sort and that the government wasn’t like “wait until you’re olderrrrrrrrrr1!”

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