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Check out photographer Tatjana Plitt’s series of portraits titled “Gay Warriors,” a look at LGBT members of the armed forces and their families in the aftermath of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and in the ever-present shadow of DOMA. This one’s called Idalia & Angelie. Full interview here

If you cannot come out today because of whatever reason — because you’re not ready, because you’re just too terrified, because you’re not sure what you’d even come out as, because you’re hanging on in a place that would become unsafe, or even deadly if you did — and you feel shame over this, then you mustn’t. You really mustn’t.

I can’t tell you what to feel, and I can’t make you feel any differently from how you do, but please believe me there is no shame in that. I am thinking of you with love and affection. Yes, it takes lots of courage to come out, but staying closeted has nothing to do with cowardice. Please, do what is right to take care of yourself, and if you need a friend, I’m here, as are others.”

Alexis Elizabeth Kalinin, re: National Coming Out Day (made rebloggable as a quote, by request)


Queer Parenting for Heteros (and anyone else who wants to teach kids that being queer is awesome)

Well, a lot has been said and written about queer parenting in recent years, but most of this commentary ignores the opportunity to actually engage queer theory and instead simply equates queer parenting with LGBT people raising children. But what happens when we attempt to apply the insights of queer theory to our relationships with children?

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The Birds & the Birds: The Lesbian Sex Workbook is the first booklet of its kind for young, same-sex attracted women. This workbook targets young women of all sexual identities who find other women attractive (e.g. lesbian, bisexual, straight, queer, no label, etc). It’s a response to the lack of coverage of lesbian sex in the majority of sex education and has been developed by, for and in consultation and collaboration with young same-sex attracted women.

The booklet contains important and helpful information about sex between women, and how to look after your sexual health and wellbeing as well as your partner/s.

This resource is in a workbook style, which means there are sections where you respond to questions. These questions don’t always have a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ answer – sometimes they’re more about getting you to start thinking about particular issues.


PS: This is aimed at ages 16+ so ya know! :)

This is a really amazing resource. Check it out everyone!


MEN AND WOMEN PEOPLE- If you are having difficulty achieving orgasm, you could have deficient pelvic floor muscles. Try some of the exercises in this article and if you have no success, there are physical therapists who actually assist in sexual/reproductive health.



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Labels Project, Vol. One

The Labels Project is a collaborative project between myself and Hedda Hammer, a bay area artist and writer, and came after we attended our first pride events in Los Angeles and Long Beach.  Being newly out we noticed quite a few groups and sub groups that we felt were not properly represented in the media, even our own media.  We felt that there was so much about the LGBTQ community that we did not know, and I’m sure others don’t know about.

Though the project has gone through some changes since it’s initial conception, we hope it hope it will continue to grow and evolve as does our community.


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“We’re Gay. Get Over It.”

One week from today, the military will officially be done with Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Judging from the upcoming Marine Corps Times cover story, it looks like the military’s ready.

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