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Alicia’s American Sign Language Dictionary.  Alicia is showing you four important signs in ASL:  ”I Love You,” “Queer,” “Bisexual,” and “Transgender.” 

When you’re talking about someone’s identity, make sure to only use words they’re OK with. 

If anyone has suggestions to improve these pages, they are very much welcome. 

Mq. & Mrs. is a queer/trans coloring book in progress that only uses real people as models.  New pages are published every Sunday at noon. Interested in modeling for a page? See our site for more info.  

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
To the first asexual anon: There are some people who will ALWAYS try to talk you out of ANY queer identity, usually using your own past as "proof." Your friends say you can't be ace because you've had sex; my friends say I can't because I haven't. ("How can you know if you've never done it??" Ugh.) You will never be able to convince them. Just shrug and keep going. Live how you want! Breaking out of heteronormativity is never easy, but as the other anon said, it's always worth it!
becauseiamawoman becauseiamawoman Said:

Great advice— in response to an old post, but throwing this out there anyways because it is important!


Truth Be Told is a series by Katina Parker that will profile black queer and trans visionaries, including Staceyann Chin, B. Slade, Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, Patrik-Ian Polk, Mia McKenzie, Dr. Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Toshi Reagon, Emil Wilbekin, Darnell Moore, Linda Villarosa, Karamo Brown and Justin Robinson.

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Every body is a beautiful body.

art by: k!m possible 

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“I think at this point in our world, we’ve got a really confused idea of the way gender and sexuality works. I think we’ve created this really superfluous sort of like binary in the way we think about gender. And I guess I identify as queer because I don’t identify with that. I think that makes us less whole as people. I don’t need to be assigned to what it is I can do or who I can love. And it seems like we keep drawing these battle lines which are completely unnecessary. So that’s what I basically mean. When I say I’m queer, I’m saying that I think human beings are amazing. And love is an honor and an opportunity. And a fragile thing. A fragile process in which there’s no room for doubt, or shame, or hatred.” — Ezra Miller


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If you cannot come out today because of whatever reason — because you’re not ready, because you’re just too terrified, because you’re not sure what you’d even come out as, because you’re hanging on in a place that would become unsafe, or even deadly if you did — and you feel shame over this, then you mustn’t. You really mustn’t.

I can’t tell you what to feel, and I can’t make you feel any differently from how you do, but please believe me there is no shame in that. I am thinking of you with love and affection. Yes, it takes lots of courage to come out, but staying closeted has nothing to do with cowardice. Please, do what is right to take care of yourself, and if you need a friend, I’m here, as are others.”

Alexis Elizabeth Kalinin, re: National Coming Out Day (made rebloggable as a quote, by request)


Happy coming out week! What’s in your pants/skirt/elaborately wrapped toga is nobody’s business, unless you both want it to be. 

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