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For the person asking about teachers and pronouns, check out Gender Spectrum’s legal resources page, along with the Education page.

You should contact the folks at Gender Spectrum (who are all very nice) to see if they can help you out, or point you to local resources. 

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It takes but a second to replace women’s health with sexual or reproductive health. It’s really that easy… and then you aren’t erasing our trans sisters.

Yes, yes, yes. 



A Brochure by and for Transgender Youth

Also available as PDF in

for anyone who wants to learn more about being trans*

even if you don’t think that this identity fits for you, you’ll probably know someone for whom this is true. educate yourself early and often.

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It is so awesome that an intersex activist is speaking at this level, on this type of platform. Dreger is an historian of anatomy and patient advocate… and here she very concisely deals with some very important questions that are intrinsic to transgender and interex studies, critical race theory, and activism, and she’s friggin’ slick about it — it’s soo accessible.

She illustrates what happens when bodies violate the cultural norms of anatomy, discussing the coverage of the Castor Semenya case (coverage of that was SO PROBLEMATIC AMG), when the African runner:

”had her sex called into question at the international games in Berlin. I had a lot of journalists calling me, asking me, “Which is the test that they are going to run that will tell us whether or not Castor Semenya is male or female?” And I had to explain to the journalists, “there isn’t such a test”. In fact, we now know that sex is complicated enough that we have to admit… nature doesn’t draw the line for us between male and female, or between male and intersex, and female and interest. We actually draw that line on nature.”

Yeah, wow. This historian knows what time it is. Fuck yeah.

I don’t like some of her ideas about autogynophelia and trans issues though. She can be a little fucked up when it comes to that. But her intersex advocacy is good.

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