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In recent years we’re moved beyond calling all sexually-transmitted afflictions “venereal disease.” That’s good—progress! But now there is frequently confusion everywhere from sex ed classes to us sex-positive online educators and resources over what…

A simple & great primer on why we’ve made the change to calling them STIs instead of STDs - in addition to being a more accurate term, its also an attempt to help reduce the amount of shame that society has attacked to sexually transmitted “diseases”…and promote more open communication & safety for all.

For those of you wondering why you’ve never seen me use the term “STD”!


Education is key - knowledge is power. If you learn that you have an STD or STI, there are some steps you should take for your own health and the health of your partner(s). Click HERE for more.


Cold sores ARE oral herpes. Most commonly, whenever someone is a child they can get herpes from a family member who gets cold sores kissing them. A LOT of people don’t know that cold sores/fever blisters are herpes and can be spread to the genitals. I’ll see posts on tumblr where people will say things like “got another cold sore, don’t worry it’s not herpes!” or “don’t worry guys cold sores aren’t THAT kind of herpes!” and all I can imagine is how awful it’s going to be when they give their partner genital herpes because they didn’t know that cold sores are herpes. That’s why using protection during oral sex is so important and the fact that many people don’t use protection during oral sex is so devastating! 

make sure it is a cold sore, they are commonly confused with canker sores, which are not herpes.