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For the millions of American women who live this way, the dream of “having it all” has morphed into “just hanging on.” Everywhere they look, every magazine cover and talk show and website tells them women are supposed to be feeling more “empowered” than ever, but they don’t feel empowered. They feel exhausted.

Many of these women feel they are just a single incident—one broken bone, one broken-down car, one missed paycheck—away from the brink. And they’re not crazy to feel that way:

-Women are nearly two-thirds of minimum-wage workers in the country.
-More than 70 percent of low-wage workers get no paid sick days at all.
-Forty percent of all households with children under the age of 18 include mothers who are either the sole or primary source of income.
-The median earnings of full-time female workers are still just 77 percent of the median earnings of their male counterparts.


All during the month of February, A Mighty Girl is celebrating Black History Month by focusing on the Black Herstory — the too-often forgotten female half of black history. We are all familiar with the names of famous and remarkable women like Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, but, throughout this month, we’ll also be sharing the stories of lesser known, amazing girls and women of African descent such as Claudette Colvin, Wilma Rudolph, Viola Desmond, Effa Manley, or Molly Williams.” - A Mighty Girl

Want to know something really hilarious and weird? Not every 25-year-old woman you meet on the subway is going to be a die-hard Lena Dunham fan. Or Mindy Kaling fan. Or Tina Fey fan. Just because someone writes about how much they love pizza and hate having to interact with boys does not mean we all signed some flaming contract with the devil to love them unconditionally. Some young women love watching Miranda July movies, some don’t. We may be a target demographic, but we’re not all crying ourselves to sleep every night until they inevitably reboot the Sex and the City franchise. Assuming all young women automatically like the same thing only reveals what you actually think — that we don’t operate as individuals.

Though Catalogue - 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman In Her 20s |

I had to post this. They took the words directly out of my brain. I always have to awkwardly avoid conversations with people who know I’m a feminist who want to immediately talk about 30 rock or parks and rec or the mindy project. Sorry, I can’t keep up with the latest middle class enlightened comedies out there. I respect the fact that women are taking a bigger portion of the comedy pie, but…

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Janelle Monáe performing Cold War at the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony (x)

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Seriously, the person I chatted with was knowledgeable, patient, and even ended up helping me with several issues I didn’t even sign on to discuss. That could not have gone any better.

So thank you Jill from Planned Parenthood, you managed to make an incredibly paranoid person calm down and feel a little bit better about life.

So glad you got the answers you needed!

It is awesome!

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Facts: Of all abortions, 88-92% occur in the first trimester (first 12 weeks). Early abortions (between 9-12 weeks) can be induced by Mifepristone and Misoprostol (pills) which means no surgical procedure at all. Surgical abortions which take place after about 9-12 weeks when you can no longer use the pills, are as invasive as a colonoscopy. The procedure itself takes about 5 minutes (although preparation takes longer) and the woman can go home afterwards. Fewer than .03% of women who have abortions experience complications that requires hospitalization. It is a very safe and fairly routine procedure.

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Four US servicewomen, including two who won Purple Hearts in Afghanistan, have sued the Pentagon over its policy barring women from ground combat.

Backed by rights watchdog the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), they slammed the policy as an “injustice to the women … who continue to put their lives on the line for their country.”

In practice women have served in combat roles for years, they said - but US military policy still bans them, resulting in a “brass ceiling” in which women cannot be promoted because of lack of recognized combat experience.

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